Hot Yoga Heating Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

  • Infrared is the most efficient and healthy method of heating.

  • Infrared energy travels virtually unimpeded through the atmosphere to heat the objects below.

  • Infrared has a nearly 100% conversion rate of electricity to usable heat because there is no heat loss through ducting, exhaust flues and other dissipation points.

  • Infrared requires no additional electrical consumption through movement mechanisms such as air blowers or fan motors.

  • Infrared radiant heating panels have no moving parts, no noisy fan motors, no filters to replace, and no duct work.

  • Infrared radiant heating panels are the least expensive heating system based upon an industry analysis.

  • Infrared radiant heating panels are maintenance free.

  • Infrared radiant heating panels allow you to heat only those areas that you need heated at the time you need it, virtually allowing you to use your heat in the same way you use your lights.

Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Radiant heating panels work much differently than conventional heating systems. Instead of circulating heated air into a cooler room, radiant heating systems transfer energy directly to people and objects in a room. Just as the temperature seems to rise when the sun comes out from behind a cloud, infrared energy from radiant heating panels works to quickly warm a space. Infrared rays are unaffected by gravity, and they warm all objects around them, in every direction. Since infrared rays warm people and objects directly, infrared panels work efficiently to warm a space more quickly than conventional forced-air heating systems. You don’t need to turn on the heater an hour or so before your hot yoga class to ensure the temperature is on target, as you would with a forced-air system; the room only needs to be heated when it’s time for class.

In addition to heating a space more quickly than conventional systems, radiant heating panels require less energy to produce the same level of heat. A radiant heating system will operate at a much lower temperature than a traditional system. Where a radiant heating panel will usually operate at about 70°F, a convection system will operate around 120°F! The operating heat of each system offers a fair representation of the electric draw that each system demands. When examining the average operating temperatures of each system, we see that radiant heating panels operate at nearly half the temperature of your traditional heating system. By choosing radiant heating panels for your hot yoga studio, you get a heating system that not only heats your space faster, but ends up saving you money as well.



For those studio owners that are looking to further maximize their energy savings, Hot Yoga Heating offers smart thermostats that can be programmed to turn on and off on a set schedule. Your studio will only be warmed when it needs to be. Smart thermostats pay for themselves before too long with the money they save their owners each month.


If radiant heat sounds like a good match for your studio, please contact us here at Hot Yoga Heating so that we can help you develop a heating plan for your space. We have years of experience helping our clients install radiant heating systems in a variety of settings. We guarantee that we will help you find the perfect heating solution for your hot yoga studio, making a wise investment in your business that will last for years to come.

The industry analysis looked at these major heating systems as shown in the table below:


Heating Systems Lifetime Total Cost of Ownership

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