On-Demand Heating Panels

On-Demand panel heaters are one of our most popular products, and it’s easy to see why—literally. Because they can be recessed in the ceiling, they offer a sleek, contemporary look that doesn’t detract from your yoga studio’s décor. Your electrician will simply cut away the drywall or plaster to insert the flush-mounted frame and heating panel assembly. If flush-mounting is undesirable or otherwise not possible, On-Demand panels can also be surface mounted; a simple frame around the radiant heater keeps the look modern and uncluttered. If your studio has a high or vaulted ceiling, these infrared panels can even be suspended via chains or wire. Or does your studio have a drop ceiling (also known as T-bar)? That’s not a problem; our On-Demand panels can be safely mounted to it. On-Demand panels come in a stock “birch white” finish, but they can be painted with water-based, latex, interior paint to match your yoga studio’s ceiling. While On-Demand panels are not completely invisible, they are unobtrusive and very aesthetically pleasing.

While looks are important, functionality is key. On-Demand panels are designed to comfortably warm the surfaces below the heaters just as the sun warms the Earth through radiant energy. Objects in your room are heated without having to bring the room’s air temperature up to the same level. It’s a gentle heat that’s ideal for spot heating in areas with high levels of heat loss.

Another reason customers frequently turn to On-Demand panels is the variety of sizes and voltages available. Our 2′ x 2′ panels are stocked in 250, 310, and 375 Watt versions, and our 2′ x 4′ panels come in 500, 625, and 750 Watt versions. As you go up in wattage, you’ll also increase the BTU (British Thermal Unit, a standard measure of heat) output. When ordering, you are able to choose the voltage you need for your particular electrical situation: 120, 208, 240, or 277 volts. Please note that these panel heaters are not intended to be plugged into a regular 120 volt outlet. You will need to hire a licensed electrician to hard-wire the ceiling panels and ground them according to local electrical codes. Our experienced professionals here at Hot Yoga Heating are happy to talk to your electrician to ensure that configuration and installation are done properly. We’ll be sure to advise your electrician about details like what gauge wire is required to safely suspend the panels, and what wire rating is necessary if the panel is installed right below the junction box.

It’s important to note that our On-Demand panels are not intended for use in wet areas or areas where corrosive agents are present, such as greenhouses, swimming pools, or chemical storage areas. If you do need a panel heater for an area like this, contact us; we may be able to provide a custom panel that matches your needs. We should also mention that these panels are for installation in the ceiling only—not in a floor or wall. They are designed to reach a maximum surface temperature of 250°F, so we recommend that they be installed at least 7 feet off the floor and not in a place where they can easily be touched.

On-Demand heating panels carry a 5-year warranty for the heating element and a one-year warranty for the frame. If you would prefer a longer warranty period—and we understand that radiant heat panels are an investment for your studio—you may wish to consider the Ducoterra SolaRay, which offers a 20-year warranty. The aesthetics are quite similar, though the SolaRay is frameless and thinner at only a half-inch thick.

Interested in adding On-Demand panels to your hot yoga studio—or need more help making a decision? Contact us and our infrared heating experts will walk you through the process so you can rest assured you have chosen the best possible solution for your unique studio setting. Hot Yoga Heating can help you with any of your heating needs.

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