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Why Hot Yoga Heating?

Energy Efficient

Hot Yoga Heating will  work with you to make sure you know how to operate your Infrared Heating Panel System efficiently and effectively.

Eco Friendly

Hot Yoga Heating commits to providing our customers with the most environmentally friendly products on the market.

Customer Service

Hot Yoga Heating will work with the necessary professionals to ensure the proper installation of your Infrared Heating Panel System.

Cost Effective

Hot Yoga Heating will work with you to select the right Infrared Heating Panel System for your space and needs.

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to helping our customers identify and select the most energy efficient and affordable infrared heating system to meet their specific business needs.

Health Benefits

Physical Benefits

Hot yoga has seen an increased amount of attention over the last several years as the general public continues to discover the many benefits of hot yoga in terms of weight loss and general physical fitness. If you’re a studio owner considering whether or not to add a hot yoga space to your current class offerings, you must be wondering what kind of heating system would be most appropriate to meet your needs.

Here at Hot Yoga Heating, we offer our customers a variety of infrared heating panels (also known as radiant heat panels), which hold many advantages over traditional heating systems. The energy efficiency of infrared heating is widely touted as a benefit, and it’s true that that they can be a cost-saving, eco-friendly measure for your studio. But another advantage is that infrared heat—as well as the physical heating panels themselves—can actually create a healthier space and student. Here’s how:


With no moving parts, infrared heating panels are hypoallergenic. Unlike conventional heaters that use fans to circulate air, radiant heaters do not distribute dust or allergens. The cleaner air in your studio will allow for safer workouts for those with indoor allergies.


Infrared heat has the ability to penetrate the skin and warm the muscle tissues deep within the body. This heat increases flexibility in the muscles, which lowers the risk of injury when participating in a yoga session. The same infrared rays are also believed to detoxify the body, increase circulation, speed up the metabolism, and increase the heart rate—all of which can strengthen the immune and cardiovascular systems.

Relaxing Environment

In addition to the hypoallergenic benefits, this also means that your space will be heated without any noisy equipment that may distract from your students’ concentration or meditation while participating in a hot yoga session. Relaxation is an important component of physical health, and a quiet space provides the optimal environment in which your students can relax and relieve themselves of any stress or anxiety they may have been holding onto before entering your studio.

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